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Offshore Wind Farms


Middle East & Africa have extensive potential for Offshore Wind Capacity and a high demand for Energy by these emerging economies, which represent massive opportunity for Offshore Wind Energy Generation.


Seasplit’s mission is to become a leader in Green Energy transition through focusing on assets in deep waters. The company aims to source, develop and operate offshore wind farms. Seasplit aims to deploy solutions that are Technically sound & Economically feasible, leveraging decades of Offshore & Deep-Water experience, as well as, close cooperation with global leaders in the industry.

Deep Water Experience

Seasplit Wind teams come with extensive experience in Offshore & Deepwater development and management. Over three decades experience in Offshore Oil & Gas projects in diverse scopes spanning from investment, project development, project management & operations.


Seasplit Technologies FZCO Dubai Digital Park – Office A2 DSO, Dubai, UAE, 341444